GE HealthCare features new ultrasound, MRI offerings at ECR 2024

VIENNA – GE HealthCare (GEHC) is highlighting a revamped ultrasound product line, the European launch of its Signa Champion 1.5-tesla MRI scanner, and its Care Pathways program in its exhibit area at ECR 2024.

In ultrasound, GEHC is debuting Logiq Totus, a midrange, full-body scanner designed for use in a variety of clinical scenarios. Totus includes technology that was previously only available on its higher-end systems, such as its cSound architecture, according to the vendor.

Totus features AI-powered voice control as well as decision support via Breast and Thyroid Assistant software from GEHC partner Koios. It’s also capable of performing volume navigation, 2D shear-wave elastography, and Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP) imaging, according to the vendor. In addition, the scalable scanner supports a wide variety of transducers, including GEHC’s XDclear offerings and wireless Vscan Air CL probe

GE HealthCare's new Totus ultrasound scanner. Images courtesy of GE HealthCare.GE HealthCare's new Totus ultrasound scanner. Images courtesy of GE HealthCare.

Totus has received the CE Mark and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance. Installations are expected to begin over the next month, according to GEHC.

GEHC is also directing attention to new AI-based workflow and decision-support tools available on its Logiq E10 series and Fortis scanners. What’s more, the Vscan Air CL handheld probe can now also be integrated with E10 and Fortis, allowing customers to make use of the wireless dual-probe with curved and linear transducers.

In other ultrasound news, GEHC has rolled out Logiq AppAPI, which will enable users of Logiq ultrasound systems to access third-party applications. These third-party applications can run directly on the system or utilize real-time ultrasound data streaming to run side-by-side, the vendor said.

One of the first AppAPI partners is Piur Imaging, which is providing its Piur tUS inside thyroid imaging software. Piur tUS inside automatically segments the thyroid; produces sagittal, transverse, and coronal views; performs 3D rendering; and measures and classifies nodules based on the American College of Radiology (ACR) Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System.


In MRI, GEHC is presenting its Signa Champion 1.5-tesla scanner for the first time to a European audience. The wide-bore system was initially introduced at RSNA 2023.

Champion has the smallest footprint and is the most power-efficient among GE’s MRI systems; the firm estimates 25%-30% energy savings per patient, depending on the type of exam.

GE HealthCare's Champion 1.5-tesla MRI scanner.GE HealthCare's Champion 1.5-tesla MRI scanner.

GEHC has also included AI-supported workflow features such as its AIR Recon DL image reconstruction software and Sonic DL software for accelerating image acquisition. Scanning times are up to 50% less per patient, according to the vendor.

The company is also highlighting the benefits of extra space for improving the patient’s in-bore experience, as well as “blanket-like” AIR coils available for use with Champion.

Different configurations of Champion will be available for the European market upon release. GEHC is hoping to receive the CE Mark for Champion by May or June.

Care pathways

GEHC, which renewed its collaboration with the European Society of Radiology (ESR) for ECR 2024, is also emphasizing its care pathways approach and focus on precision care. The company is discussing how its technologies can integrate to provide personalized and precise care across three specific pathways:

  • Oncology (breast, lung, and prostate cancer)
  • Neurology (dementia, and especially Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Cardiology (cardiovascular disease)

Women’s Imaging

GEHC also introduced Theodora, a mobile women’s health screening initiative aimed at improving access to care and detecting breast cancer earlier. Theodora is available in three different configurations and truck sizes.

  • Theodora Select: Includes a Pristina 3D digital mammography system
  • Theodora Plus: Includes a Pristina system along with more space for enhanced patient comfort
  • Theodora Elite: Comprehensive screening services including a Pristina system and automated breast ultrasound (ABUS).

Theodora will initially be available in European markets, but the company plans to expand access in the future to remote countries in other areas such as Africa.

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