Isotopia partners with Y-mAbs on radioisotope

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Isotopia Molecular Imaging is collaborating with biopharmaceutical company Y-mAbs Therapeutics for the supply of the medical radioisotope no-carrier-added lutetium-177 (Lu-177).

The radioisotope will be used to support the clinical development of Lu-177 DTPA-omburtamab for the treatment of B7-H3-positive central nervous systems and leptomeningeal metastasis from tumors in adults.

The drug will use Y-mAbs' naked omburtamab antibody radiolabeled with Lu-177 and DTPA to chelate the lutetium radioisotope to the antibody.

Isotopia has developed a stable, consistent, and reliable method to produce a highly pure form of Lu-177 that contains no metastable Lu-177m, which means cost-intensive clinical waste management isn't needed, the firm said.

Isotopia added it is focused on supporting clinical studies for the next generation of radioisotope terbium-161, which the company said will launch soon.

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