EBR releases dates for spring 2020 EDiR exams

The European Board of Radiology (EBR) has released dates for its European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) exam in spring 2020.

The first EDiR exam will take place in conjunction with ECR 2020 on Tuesday, 10 March. Special free admission to ECR 2020 will be provided for applicants from countries that officially recognize EDiR and include it as part of their national training programs. These include Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Finland, Slovenia, and Croatia.

In addition, hospitals and department heads that wish to register their final-year residents for the EDiR exam will receive a 20% discount on the exam fee, as well as free ECR registration.

A second spring 2020 EDiR exam date has been added for Saturday, 4 April, in Cairo. A 200-euro discount is available to those who register by 15 October. Online applications are open at myebr.org.

Other 2020 exam dates in Turkey, Poland, France, Spain, and Sweden will be announced starting in January, according to EBR.

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