U.K. hospital group implements AI for prostate cancer imaging

The Somerset National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust has rolled out AI technology to help radiologists detect prostate cancer lesions on MRI scans.

The technology, called Pi, was developed by Cambridge-based AI company Lucida Medical. The software displays a number that gives a probability of cancer within a few minutes of an MRI scan and also shows the exact location of any tumors in the prostate by adding a color overlay to the scan images.

The Somerset group said it undertook an extensive evaluation of the technology, with its assessment published recently at the 2023 annual meeting of the European Society for Urogenital Radiology.

“This is also an important milestone for AI in prostate imaging. So far there have been many studies and several examples of academic centres being given free evaluation copies, but few commercial deployments like this,” the group noted in a news release issued on 19 March.

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