Mirion partners with RAD-AID International

2022 09 14 16 01 8906 Ultrasound In Africa 400

Mirion Technologies has launched a philanthropic partnership with RAD-AID International to supply equipment to train medical professionals in developing countries on measuring radiation exposure.

As part of the deal, Mirion has made an in-kind donation to RAD-AID’s Medical Physics Program to support efforts in Guyana, Grenada, Botswana, Morocco, Nigeria, and Kenya. Technology included Instadose+ and DMC 3000 dosimeters, as well as the ATS 539 ultrasound and CT ACR 464 phantoms.

The equipment will be used to train and educate medical professionals on measuring radiation exposure, with the end goal of implementing quality assurance programs, quality control tests, equipment performance evaluations, and shielding assessments, Mirion said.

RAD-AID International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing radiology and radiation safety in underserved populations around the world.

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