United Imaging Intelligence showcases AI tech at ECR 2024

United Imaging Intelligence, a subsidiary of United Imaging Group, highlighted its medical AI technology at ECR 2024.

The company introduced its uAI SAT tool, an AI-driven annotation tool hosted on United's biomedical research platform. The tool aims to improve intelligent interactive segmentation, shortening annotation times from hours to minutes, United added.

United also showcased its uAI Pioneer Portal at the conference, including its one-click functionality feature for diagnostic-level 3D reconstruction of lesions and organs. Along with a gesture-controlled 3D monitor, the company highlighted that this technology allows users to engage with virtual reality and manipulate detailed models via hand gestures.

Additionally, United showcased its CE mark-certified specific AI applications within the company's thoracic software products. These included uAI Discovery Pulmonary Nodules, uAI Discover Pneumonia, and uAI Discover Fracture. It also highlighted its CT-based AI models for identifying strokes as well as its cardiovascular software that takes CT and MRI assessments into account.

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