Husband: I was a 'half-baked radiologist' working in the dark!
June 8, 2021 -- When Prof. Janet Husband was a trainee, radiology took place largely behind closed doors. Then a life-changing moment in 1972 made her realize CT's vast potential and she never looked back. To celebrate CT's 50 birthday, the grand dame of British radiology reflects on the modality's rich history and bright future. Read More
U.K. team unveils progress on texture analysis of placental MRI
June 7, 2021 -- Apparent diffusion coefficient MRI values are an important potential marker for the future evaluation of placenta accreta spectrum and can help boost confidence in the radiological diagnosis, researchers from Sheffield have reported at the virtual UK Imaging & Oncology Congress. Read More
Hybrid imaging can help reduce biopsy rates in breast cancer cases
June 4, 2021 -- German investigators have found that FDG-PET/MRI outperformed ultrasound and MRI for the detection of axillary lymph node metastases. When combined with ultrasound, the hybrid technique may also boost accuracy and avoid the need for invasive biopsies, they said. Read More
Italian AI team determines COVID-19 risk on lung ultrasound
June 3, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from Italy have used deep-learning algorithms to automatically provide risk scores on lung ultrasound exams in COVID-19 patients. They published their results online on 27 May. Read More
HSE makes steady progress in restoring Irish health IT systems
June 2, 2021 -- The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland has revealed that steady progress is being made on restoring IT systems and it has taken a high court order against the hackers in the aftermath of the recent cyberattack. But challenges still remain, the HSE said on 1 June. Read More
German expert provides safety update on gadolinium contrast
June 2, 2021 -- Macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRI do not cause hyperintensities in the dentate nucleus and may be useful in glymphatic imaging, said Prof. Dr. Alexander Radbruch, JD, at the recent International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine annual meeting. Read More
Top tips on how to recognize and report vertebral fractures
June 1, 2021 -- Vertebral fragility fractures (VFFs) are often present on imaging but are rarely reported, and this can have a major impact on patient morbidity and quality of life. The U.K. has issued new advice in this area that includes 12 main recommendations. Read More
MRI sheds new light on brain tissue changes in long-COVID cases
June 1, 2021 -- A brain study of long COVID conducted at a leading U.K. facility has highlighted gray-matter changes linked to inflammation in anosmia patients and microstructure properties possibly linked to iron homeostasis in patients recovering from COVID-19. Read More
Damadian causes a stir with reflections on early days of MRI
May 31, 2021 -- The ever-controversial Dr. Raymond Damadian has reiterated his conviction that the development of MRI was a gift from God. He shared his latest thoughts on the early days of the modality in a fireside chat at the recent International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine annual meeting. Read More
The reality: Over half of strokes in children are diagnosed late
May 31, 2021 -- More than half of children affected by stroke receive a delayed diagnosis -- typically between 12 and 24 hours after it occurred -- and 10% of them get no diagnosis at all, according to a leading Spanish expert. Read More