AI displays potential for breast ultrasound
August 12, 2019 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can yield a promising level of performance for differentiating between benign and malignant solid breast masses on B-mode ultrasound images, but further improvement is still needed, according to research published online on 5 August in European Radiology Experimental.  Discuss
Use DWI to streamline breast MRI protocols
August 5, 2019 -- Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) can be used to streamline breast MRI protocols, according to a joint German-Austrian study published online on 29 July in European Radiology. The results could lead to shorter breast MRI exams, say the authors.  Discuss
Screening DBT requires less compression, pressure
August 2, 2019 -- Norwegian researchers have found that screening digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) requires less compression and pressure than digital mammography. They published their findings online on 25 July in Acta Radiologica.  Discuss
U.K. team sheds light on recalls in breast screening
July 29, 2019 -- Seeking to eliminate a woman's anxiety over being recalled after breast screening is a worthy goal, but is it safe to actively drive down the recall rate? Researchers from Manchester addressed this question by analyzing why women were recalled after over 200,000 screening exams.  Discuss
Elastography predicts breast cancer therapy response
July 23, 2019 -- Elastography can help determine treatment response in patients with locally advanced breast cancer during the course of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, according to a study published in July in BJR.  Discuss
PET/MRI develops growing role in cervical cancer
July 22, 2019 -- PET/MRI can become an increasingly valuable modality for the early-stage diagnosis of cervical cancer, especially when the disease spreads to the parametrium, according to a study published on 17 July in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Breast MRI can identify positive tumor margins
July 18, 2019 -- Researchers have shown that preoperative breast MRI features such as multifocal disease and a nonmass enhancement lesion can help predict positive or close margins at breast-conserving surgery. They published their findings in the August issue of the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Which imaging modality is best for ovarian cancer?
July 4, 2019 -- FDG-PET/CT is more accurate than contrast-enhanced CT for detecting primary ovarian cancer, but due to CT's wide availability, cost-effectiveness, and quick interpretation by junior radiologists, it is preferred on a daily basis, attendees learned at the recent World Congress on obstetrics and gynecology in London.  Discuss
Irish fears grow over litigation's impact on screening
July 3, 2019 -- There's a significant risk doctors won't work in Ireland's breast cancer screening service due to fears over being sued for false-negative results, according to a national newspaper article published on 2 July. The future of the service is now in jeopardy, leading experts warn.  Discuss
MRI and teamworking boost outcome in endometriosis
June 28, 2019 -- In tricky cases of endometriosis, the key to success is the optimum use of MRI for preoperative staging plus multidisciplinary teamworking that encourages efficient feedback between surgeons and radiologists to ensure quality control, delegates learned at the recent World Congress on obstetrics and gynecology.  Discuss