Omni Legend
The Letter. Omni Legend short film.
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Omni Legend scanner photo.
Answers at the speed of sight.
This is the start of a whole new era of PET/CT
Omni Legend is the first PET/CT system we're introducing on our all-new, all-digital Omni platform. The remarkable digital detector design at its core enables an unparalleled increase in true NEMA sensitivity, delivering the highest sensitivity per centimeter in the market.1 And the innovations don't stop there. Omni Legend offers small lesion detectability that is better than the top-of-the-line digital platform,2 plus ultra-fast scanning with multi-dimensional clinical flexibility. We can't wait for you to see everything Omni Legend can do.
1Data on file.
2Omni Legend 32 cm increases small lesion detectability 16% on average and up to 20%, as compared to Discovery MI 25 cm with matched scan time/injected dose, as demonstrated in phantom testing using a model observer with 4 mm lesions; average of different reconstruction methods.
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