ECR 2020: The show goes on at ECR opening ceremony
July 16, 2020 -- It may not be Vienna in March, but the European Society of Radiology did its best to host a virtual approximation of its traditional opening ceremony on 15 July. As with past in-person events, the online ceremony featured the pomp and circumstance for which ECR is renowned.  Discuss
ECR 2020: Spanish scoop top prize for cancer imaging tips
July 15, 2020 -- Radiology researchers from the north of Spain have received a prestigious award on the opening day of ECR 2020 Online for their presentation about five practical ways to master unusual CT findings in cancer patients. Many mistakes may be prevented by internalizing these principles and using them when reading cancer studies, they say.  Discuss
Danes reveal CT's promise for osteoporosis screening
July 15, 2020 -- Danish researchers have found cardiac CT exams used to assess patients' heart health can deliver the added benefit of screening for osteoporosis -- a valuable use given the prevalence of the modality. They published their results on 14 July in Radiology.  Discuss
Belgian team performs CT autopsies on COVID-19 patients
July 14, 2020 -- Researchers from Belgium are using CT to help perform minimally invasive autopsies on patients who died after being diagnosed with COVID-19. More than 70% of next of kin agree to such an autopsy, and the group hopes the scans will cast a light on the physical mechanisms that led to the fatalities.  Discuss
How has radiology education fared in COVID-19 pandemic?
July 14, 2020 -- Training and education remain the prime focus of ECR, and on the eve of this year's congress, Prof. Dr. Laura Oleaga, PhD, speaks about how the European Board of Radiology (EBR) and her department in Barcelona have been affected by the pandemic. In this video interview, she also reflects on winning the top educator award in the 2020 EuroMinnies.  Discuss
Gadolinium-free MRI proves value in acute ischemic stroke
July 13, 2020 -- Award-winning German researchers have developed a clinically viable method for imaging of the extracranial arteries in cases of acute ischemic stroke without the use of gadolinium contrast agents. They've presented their findings in an e-poster for ECR 2020.  Discuss
Keep alert for domestic violence in pandemic, experts urge
July 10, 2020 -- A strongly worded editorial by a group of international authors has warned radiologists to remain vigilant about the signs of intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article was published on 30 June by European Radiology.  Discuss
U.K. team highlights COVID-19's neurological signs
July 9, 2020 -- Investigators from a leading London facility have outlined the neurological manifestations of severe SARS-CoV-2 infection in a new study published on 8 July in Brain. They hope the article will enable clinical colleagues to better recognize and treat COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.  Discuss
COVID-19: Attention shifts to MRI infection control
July 9, 2020 -- Cleaning procedures for CT units used to scan COVID-19 patients have remained a hot topic since March, but now that it's becoming clear the disease can cause brain alterations, more consideration is being given to how radiology departments are dealing with infection control in the MRI suite.  Discuss
Brain MRI accounts for most gadolinium deposits in France
July 8, 2020 -- French researchers have assessed national and regional evolution of gadolinium consumption and found that an increase in MRI machines over the past eight years correlates with an increase in annual gadolinium consumption, but gaps remain in protocols to limit the human and environmental impact.  Discuss