Novel imaging agent could improve endometriosis diagnosis

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Research is underway to investigate whether a novel imaging agent called ⁹⁹ᵐTc maraciclatide can improve the diagnosis of endometriosis, according to a press release issued on 6 June by the Endometriosis Care Centre at the University of Oxford's Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health in the U.K.

Endometriosis affects one in 10 women and can prompt painful periods, chronic pelvic pain, and infertility. It is caused by uterine tissue migrating outside of the organ, usually into the pelvis, and its diagnosis can be tricky and time-consuming, requiring multiple imaging exams and even surgery, the statement read.

The Oxford facility and partner Serac Healthcare are investigating whether an imaging agent that uses the radioisotope technetium-99m maraciclatide to bind to areas of inflammation in the body can visualize endometriosis. The marker will be tested in a trial for women who will undergo imaging two to seven days before surgery for suspected endometriosis; the test findings will be compared with areas of disease found during surgery.

Maraciclatide is for investigational use only, the statement noted.

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