COVID-19: Anxiety levels fall, patient handling improves
June 29, 2020 -- There is now a general absence of fear of COVID-19 patients among radiology staff, and the reduced anxiety levels have resulted in better patient handling, according to two chest radiologists with extensive experience of these cases.  Discuss
Russian team presents 9-point plan to combat COVID-19
June 29, 2020 -- A group from Russia has issued details about how the medical imaging community can operate effectively in the pandemic. In Moscow, 48 outpatient CT facilities have performed over 170,000 chest CT scans, and more than 82,000 cases of COVID-19 pneumonia were detected.  Discuss
Paris hospital shows the way on 3D printing
June 25, 2020 -- An innovative approach to vascular procedures involving advanced imaging techniques and 3D printing is transforming training and practice at the Marie Lannelongue hospital in Paris. Performance and patient outcomes have improved dramatically, attendees learned at a webinar on 18 June.  Discuss
Will 2nd COVID-19 wave be worse than the 1st?
June 25, 2020 -- The experiences of Singapore suggest the second wave of COVID-19 cases may be far worse than the first wave, and hospitals must prepare now to cope with a growing influx of patients, Dr. Lionel Cheng warned at an RSNA webinar on 19 June.  Discuss
What's whole-body CT's place in trauma imaging?
June 24, 2020 -- In certain circumstances, whole-body CT can be an effective way to image trauma patients presenting in the emergency room, even though it imparts more radiation than other imaging modalities, according to an article published on 2 June in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Free training tool can bolster COVID-19 detection on CT
June 23, 2020 -- Evidence from users based in 145 countries suggests an online diagnostic training tool is showing considerable initial promise as a way of improving the capacity to detect early-stage COVID-19 on chest CT. The Australian-led project has identified important regional discrepancies, however.  Discuss
Dutch study endorses RSNA's COVID-19 chest CT system
June 17, 2020 -- New research from the Netherlands has indicated that the RSNA's chest CT classification system for interpreting COVID-19 pneumonia cases is performing well and can help clinicians better navigate assessment and diagnosis of patients.  Discuss
Italian team unveils novel data on PET/CT of breast cancer
June 12, 2020 -- Researchers from Milan have found that FDG-PET/CT can identify breast cancer metastases predicted by elevated tumor marker values in asymptomatic patients who have undergone locoregional therapy. They published their results on 9 June in Oncology.  Discuss
COVID-19: Early signs of recovery, but uncertainty ahead
June 11, 2020 -- The global pandemic has created an unprecedented shock to the medical imaging and healthcare sectors. What is the future likely to hold? What are the key economic trends, bright spots, and areas of greatest risk? Market columnist Steve Holloway investigates.  Discuss
U.K. radiology only running at 60% capacity, says RCR
June 11, 2020 -- Radiology is still only running at about 60% of normal capacity in the U.K., and hospitals are struggling to cope with the pent-up demand for imaging, according to Dr. Caroline Rubin of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).  Discuss