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Based on 40 years of experience in MR innovation, GE has developed an ingeniously simple, environmentally friendly, and future-ready solution that anyone can use.


SIGNA™ Prime makes the MR adoption process simple and seamless by offering MR users a great experience from siting to scanning.






Across our fleet of different systems, image quality was never as homogeneous as it is now. Thanks to AIR Recon DL, possible differences in signal-to-noise ratio between different technologies are diminished and we receive a continuously very high and reliable image quality. In most of the applications we can achieve identical slot grids across our 1.5T system which facilitate patient scheduling.


Dr. Christopher Ahlers, CEO Radiomed, Germany










The new User Interface which comes with SIGNA Prime helps with its intuitive and easy-to-use layout to speed up every single MR Examination. For example, drag-and-drop, right-click solution and especially the possibility to see only the most important parameters in the Express mode, help unexperienced employees and young professionals to quickly familiarize with the system. Experienced MRI staff can use the Classic mode to use the full potential of the system, as well as to make settings, optimize sequences and save protocols.


Carina Dudek, Technologist at Radiomed, Germany











SIGNA™ Prime delivers high throughput and consistent, high quality images using cutting edge imaging technology. Our deep-learning reconstruction algorithm AIR™ Recon DL increases SNR up to 4 times higher, improves image resolution up to 60% sharper, and reduces scan time up to 50% faster than conventional protocols without image compromise*. Our automated applications such as AIR x™ and AIR™ Touch ensure scans can be completed faster, so patients spend less time on the table, reducing their anxiety and stress.






Green MR technology optimizes operating costs with an eco-friendly 25% reduced power rating and 70% lower Helium consumption**.
Our latest advanced cryogen management technology conserves helium through intelligent installation, clinical operation and servicing.
It saves you money and conserves this precious natural resource. That’s what we call a “green” MR.





* Data on file
** Under normal operating conditions, when compared to previous generations of MR systems – Data on file




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