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GE Healthcare is committed to helping our customers become more efficient with new technologies that can adapt to the changing needs of their environment. The availability and adoption of AI applications to aid in every step of an exam is quickly growing. Impacts can be seen in areas such as exam setup, protocolling, patient positioning, and image reconstruction and review.


Discover our latest AI innovations that will help you simplify workflow and meet the changing healthcare needs of today's patients with the best image quality.




Revolution™ Apex Platform
Built-in Scalability & Upgradability options.


This all-new CT platform offers the best of modern CT technology to provide versatile and unprecedented clinical solutions for your most challenging patients.
With the choice of 40 mm, 80 mm and 160 mm of coverage, you can decide which system is right for you today and easily upgrade to more capability when you need it, so you can be ready for every future.







Revolution™ Maxima Select
Overall, a top performer.


Revolution™ Maxima is a powerful, high-performing and reliable CT designed to maximize every step of the CT workflow, from referral to report. Exceptional image quality with the spatial resolution of 0.28 mm, the platform is able to elevate what you can expect from every exam.






Revolution™ Ascend
Faster Workflow and Clearer Images.


Performance imaging requires a careful balance of the right amount of image quality combined with speed and accuracy. Revolution™ Ascend makes it easier to strike the right balance with key advancements like the best-in-class 0.28 mm spatial resolution and ASiR-V* iterative reconstruction technology, which offers an advanced noise reduction capability.








Effortless Workflow
Less clicks and Easy Exams.


Effortless Workflow utilizes AI to automate nearly every step, from pre-scan to post-scan, to help reduce clicks, save you time, and achieve exceptional efficiency and consistency in imaging.








Smart Subscription
CT That Keeps Getting Better.


CT application development never stops, yet traditional purchase models make it difficult for you to keep up. Smart Subscription automatically keeps all of your CT systems up to date. You can be sure your CT fleet is always equipped with the latest clinical capabilities, saving you time and money.








True Fidelity
How the best see the better.


TrueFidelity's deep-learning image reconstruction engine generates images to create outstanding detail, clarity, and texture at low dose without any compromise. CT Images are more than a radical, next-generation improvement, considered gold standard image quality for both single energy and spectral acquisition.








SnapShot Freeze 2
Intelligent motion correction algorithm.


Intelligent whole-heart motion correction algorithm is designed to deliver:
- Coronary motion correction,
- Valve motion correction,
- Chambers, myocardium and great vessels motion correction within the entire heart.








Revolution™ Apex Elite
Image any challenge and every patient.


Revolution Apex Elite features the industry's fastest gantry rotational speed - 0.23 sec/rot** and best temporal resolution - 19.5 msec*** with Snapshot Freeze 2.**** With 160 mm whole heart coverage, Apex Elite delivers uncompromised 1-beat cardiac for any heart rate and rhythm, even Atrial Fibrillation with superior image quality and lower radiation dose.






* In clinical practice, the use of ASiR-V may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Low contrast detectability (LCD), image noise, spatial resolution and artifacts were assessed using reference factory protocols comparing ASiR-V and FBP. The LCD measured in 0.625 mm slices and tested for both head and body modes using the MITA CT IQ Phantom (CCT183, The Phantom Laboratory), using model observer method.
** Performance numbers (highlighted) are the updated values for 0.23 s/rotation.
*** As demonstrated in mechanical and mathematical cardiac phantom testing.
**** As demonstrated in cardiac phantom testing. Snapshot Freeze 2, in conjunction with 0.23 s/rotation gantry speed, provides a reduction in coronary motion artifacts that is equivalent to a 0.039 s/rotation equivalent gantry rotation speed with effective temporal resolution of 19.5 msec.





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