New data reveal true scale of missed scans and backlog
December 21, 2020 -- At least 4.4 million fewer diagnostic examination scans were performed in England between April and September 2020 compared with the same period in 2019, BBC News reported on 17 December. One in seven patients is now waiting more than three months for a scan.  Discuss
Top 10 AuntMinnieEurope stories for 2020
December 21, 2020 -- It's official: The role of medical imaging in the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the radiology news agenda in 2020, accounting for half of our list of top 10 articles. The use of ultrasound and CT in COVID-19 cases was a central theme, along with infection control and radiographers. Another major issue was the police report into the serious MRI accident in Swedish Lapland.  Discuss
Reliance on ultrasound grows in COVID-19 pandemic
December 18, 2020 -- Doctors in Italy are depending more than ever on ultrasound as part of their daily physical examinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We can't afford CT scans for all our patients, and ultrasound's become like a third arm, according to one internal medicine physician.  Discuss
Meet the EuroMinnies 2021 semifinal candidates
December 17, 2020 -- The list of candidates for the third edition of the EuroMinnies award scheme is now available, following the nominations made by the 31,000-plus members of Radiology's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of artificial intelligence, and congresses moving online in 2020 have shaped your selections.  Discuss
Teleconsultations and rating sites aren't all good news
December 16, 2020 -- The use of video consultations between doctors and patients, as well as commercial directories and doctor review sites, has exploded this year. They change some essential aspects of medical and human relationships, writes the Maverinck.  Discuss
PET/CT can boost outcome in hyperparathyroidism cases
December 15, 2020 -- Using a combination of several modalities, including PET/CT, to achieve an accurate diagnosis is vital to reduce the likelihood of surgical failure and the risk of complications in cases of persistent or recurrent primary hyperparathyroidism, researchers from a leading London facility have reported.  Discuss
Nuclear medicine copes with upheaval in pandemic
December 15, 2020 -- At one point this year, it looked like Europe's entire nuclear medicine sector would have to be put on hold, said Antonis Kalemis, PhD, president of Nuclear Medicine Europe. When COVID-19 began spreading rapidly, industry felt huge anxiety as the lockdown measures escalated, but it has pulled together and survived.  Discuss
Norwegians spell out how to reassure chest-pain patients
December 14, 2020 -- Personalizing patient information and delivering it as a coherent package can bring results in cases of chest pain following a normal CT of the coronary arteries, researchers from Bergen, Norway, reported on 12 December at the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging congress.  Discuss
Spanish show the way on contrast-enhanced mammography
December 14, 2020 -- Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography is becoming a useful clinical technique due to its relatively low cost, increasing availability, and suitability for women who are contraindicated for MRI, but some important practical drawbacks remain, according to award-winning Spanish research presented at the RSNA 2020 meeting.  Discuss
When is it safe to skip breast radiotherapy?
December 11, 2020 -- Omitting radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery should be an option for older patients with localized, hormone receptor-positive breast cancer who are receiving adjuvant hormone therapy, Scottish investigators have reported at the 2020 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.  Discuss