Danes find gridless mammography cuts radiation dose
July 3, 2018 -- Using gridless mammography acquisition results in a lower radiation dose for the patient, according to new research from Denmark. The study involving more than 70,000 women demonstrated that gridless mammography acquisition with software scatter correction is an alternative to grid-based acquisition in mammography.  Discuss
7T MRI may release mercury from amalgam dental fillings
July 2, 2018 -- MR imaging at 7-tesla magnet strength may release toxic mercury from amalgam dental fillings, according to a new study published online on 26 June in the journal Radiology. However, the effect was not found with the lower-strength 1.5-tesla magnets that are more commonly used in the clinical setting, the researchers noted.  Discuss
CT links brain calcifications to smoking, diabetes
June 29, 2018 -- Researchers from the Netherlands examined the brain CT scans of patients with memory complaints and identified a strong association between the presence of calcifications in the hippocampus and various risk factors such as smoking and diabetes, according to an article published online on 12 June in Radiology.  Discuss
Digital x-ray goes retro and mobile in Europe
June 28, 2018 -- After a flat period, the x-ray sector is starting to rally as demand grows for mobile systems and digital radiography retrofit kits, particularly in the east of Europe. Intelligent radiography promises to be the next big thing, according to analyst Simon Harris.  Discuss
AI algorithms begin to loom large in radiology
June 27, 2018 -- Computer scientists are busy at work creating a myriad of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Due to stringent regulations, very few algorithms have appeared yet to support clinical practice, but this looks set to change soon. Dr. Neelam Dugar investigates in a new column.  Discuss
New U.K. report warns of serious shortage of oncologists
June 27, 2018 -- Without additional investment, the U.K.'s clinical oncologist workforce will be short of 247 full-time consultants by 2022 and will have only 22% of the 1,100 doctors that will be needed to treat growing numbers of cancer patients, according to the Royal College of Radiologists.  Discuss
Augmented reality optimizes prostate cancer surgery
June 26, 2018 -- Using augmented reality to plan surgery for patients with prostate cancer allows clinicians to prepare for the procedure better than with conventional MRI, according to a poster presentation at the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2018 international congress in Berlin.  Discuss
Opinion: Radiologists & radiographers must stay united
June 26, 2018 -- Training and employing an unlimited number of radiologists is unrealistic today, yet the demand for imaging continues to rise. So radiology must be prepared to accept a solution involving radiographers and/or the ethical use of artificial intelligence, Dr. Elisabetta Giannotti writes. Evolution is the ability to adapt to change, she believes.  Discuss
Nikolaou: AI for complex cases may be over 10 years off
June 25, 2018 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to create more imaging opportunities and boost demand for specialists, but multimodality, multiparametric, or complex MRI diagnoses using AI are probably at least a decade away, according to Dr. Konstantin Nikolaou from Tübingen, Germany.  Discuss
4D CT enables quantitative analysis of wrist motion
June 22, 2018 -- Researchers from the Netherlands have developed a method to quantify wrist motion using 4D CT. They shared their findings in a presentation on 21 June at the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2018 international congress in Berlin.  Discuss
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