Doubts cast over clinical use of AI to analyze chest x-rays
October 3, 2023 -- Commercially available chest x-ray algorithms require more research, an influential government-backed U.K. health technology agency has recommended. AI developers must conduct prospective studies to address gaps in evidence, it says. Read More
What do you really need to know about the president of JFR 2023?
October 3, 2023 -- France's national radiology meeting, JFR 2023, begins on 13 October. We speak with congress president Dr. Mark Zins about his career in radiology, his views on AI and other hot topics, and his hopes and plans for the Paris meeting. He also reveals his love of mountain treks. Read More
Copenhagen researcher elaborates on radiology AI study
October 2, 2023 -- A recent Danish study found that radiologists outperformed four commercially available algorithms for identifying diseases on chest x-rays. In a video interview with, Dr. Louis Plesner discusses the main findings. Read More
IAEA extends global reach of Rays of Hope cancer initiative
October 2, 2023 -- Rays of Hope -- the flagship cancer project from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) -- has established new "anchor centers" in five countries. The main aim is to increase access to diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients, the agency says. Read More
Hype is over for PET/MRI and it enters new phase, Becker insists
September 29, 2023 -- The hype that has surrounded PET/MRI over recent years has finished and the technique is entering a new phase of its evolution. That's the view of future ESR President Prof. Minerva Becker and her colleague Dr. Valentina Garibotto. Read More
Autopsy in Rome finds no evidence of brain metastases
September 28, 2023 -- The investigation into the work of two senior Italian radiologists looks set to continue after an autopsy on Andrea Purgatori, a well-known crime journalist and screenwriter, has shown there were no brain metastases at the time of death, according to reports in the national media. Read More
Radiologists outperform chest x-ray AI in Danish study
September 28, 2023 -- Radiologists performed better than four commercially available AI algorithms when diagnosing lung diseases on chest x-rays. The next generation of AI tools may become significantly more powerful, but no fully effective systems exist yet, say the investigators from Copenhagen. Read More
Imaging plays central role in tackling immunotherapy complications
September 27, 2023 -- The use of immune-mediated treatment of cancer is leading to dramatic improvements in patient outcome, but it also has new toxicity profiles, making it vital to recognize imaging manifestations of adverse effects, award-winning Spanish researchers have reported. Read More
Rare finding detected on PSMA-PET: A nonprostatic lung tumor
September 27, 2023 -- A group in Australia has described a rare finding during a prostate cancer restaging PET/CT scan -- a pulmonary tumor embolism. Read More
MRI reveals novel clues to symptoms of long COVID
September 26, 2023 -- A detailed new whole-body MRI study has revealed that patients who are hospitalized for COVID are three times more likely to have some abnormalities in multiple organs, particularly the lungs, brain, and kidneys. Researchers think there is a link with the severity of the illness. Read More