How will Germany's health reforms affect radiology?
September 8, 2023 -- Interventional radiology must receive far greater consideration in Germany's new hospital reforms, according to a Q&A interview with Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessling, head of the German Roentgen Society's (DRG's) working group on the reforms. Read More
Do cancer screening exams really extend patients' lives?
August 28, 2023 -- In what is sure to be a controversial study among cancer screening advocates, researchers from Norway have concluded that screening mammography and CT for lung cancer screening don't necessarily extend patients' lives, according to results published on 28 August in JAMA Internal Medicine. Read More
Novel research focuses on why GPs fulfill patient imaging requests
August 24, 2023 -- General practitioners (GPs) are struggling to balance their responsibilities as gatekeepers of imaging when anxious patients request examinations, a new survey has highlighted. Read More
Stressed over breast reading exams? It helps to take a break
August 21, 2023 -- Taking short breaks doesn't improve accuracy during reporting sessions for digital breast tomosynthesis, but they do significantly reduce reader fatigue, suggest findings from the U.K. published on 17 August in European Radiology. Read More
Dutch team finds work overload is major cause of diagnostic errors
August 14, 2023 -- Work overload is tied to radiologists committing diagnostic errors on CT exams. That's a key finding of research from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands published on 10 August in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Women prefer mammography surveillance for low-risk DCIS
August 8, 2023 -- Active surveillance with mammography is the go-to choice for most women with low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), suggest Dutch findings published on 4 August in the European Journal of Cancer. Read More
MRI radiomics features predicts breast cancer tumor expressions
August 7, 2023 -- Multiparametric MRI and radiomics can help predict distinct human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) expressions of breast cancer, a research team from the Curie Institute in Paris has reported. Read More
Dutch team puts focus on ethical aspects of Alzheimer's disease
July 31, 2023 -- Is it acceptable to communicate results of Alzheimer's disease PET scans to patients without cognitive symptoms? Researchers from Amsterdam UMC have explored this tricky question, and their results suggest the practice causes no harm. Read More
Freiburg group unveils positive findings on Chatbot performance
July 26, 2023 -- A chatbot can outperform radiologists and ChatGPT in providing imaging recommendations that adhere to appropriateness guidelines, according to German research published on 25 July in Radiology. Read More
Can ChatGPT support diagnostic imaging decisions?
July 10, 2023 -- A proof-of-concept study suggests that ChatGPT-4 can generate relevant differential diagnoses for specific imaging patterns, a research group from the University of Cologne in Germany has reported. Read More