Doubts cast over clinical use of AI to analyze chest x-rays
October 3, 2023 -- Commercially available chest x-ray algorithms require more research, an influential government-backed U.K. health technology agency has recommended. AI developers must conduct prospective studies to address gaps in evidence, it says. Read More
Copenhagen researcher elaborates on radiology AI study
October 2, 2023 -- A recent Danish study found that radiologists outperformed four commercially available algorithms for identifying diseases on chest x-rays. In a video interview with, Dr. Louis Plesner discusses the main findings. Read More
Radiologists outperform chest x-ray AI in Danish study
September 28, 2023 -- Radiologists performed better than four commercially available AI algorithms when diagnosing lung diseases on chest x-rays. The next generation of AI tools may become significantly more powerful, but no fully effective systems exist yet, say the investigators from Copenhagen. Read More
Low-dose radiation damages DNA in interventional radiologists
September 25, 2023 -- Long-term exposure to low-dose radiation can cause DNA damage to lymphocyte cells in interventional radiologists -- but significantly, these doctors don't seem to be vulnerable to an increased risk of leukemia, researchers in Slovakia have reported. Read More
Healthcare staff require more support with care of suicidal patients
September 12, 2023 -- Health professionals are having difficulty communicating with and caring for patients who present for diagnostic imaging following suicide attempts, Irish researchers have reported. Read More
Bone scan rates low among breast cancer patients
September 1, 2023 -- Less than half of women receiving breast cancer treatment with aromatase inhibitors undergo recommended imaging to assess their bone health, a study published on 25 August in the Journal of Bone Oncology has found. Read More
Could CEM help to downgrade BI-RADS 4 breast lesions?
August 28, 2023 -- Contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) can help to accurately downgrade BI-RADS 4 breast lesions. That's the key finding of a new study published on 23 August in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Case report: Button battery lodged in esophagus for a year
August 28, 2023 -- The case of a two-year-old girl with a button battery lodged in her esophagus for 12 months highlights the urgent need for imaging examinations in patients with a history of difficulty in swallowing, doctors from Tanzania have reported. Read More
X-rays prove crucial in conviction of nurse who murdered 7 babies
August 21, 2023 -- X-ray evidence made a significant contribution to the conviction of U.K. neonatal nurse Lucy Letby. On 21 August, she received a whole-life prison term, with no chance of parole, for the murder of seven babies and the attempted murder of six more. Read More
Galway team reveals true scale of looming osteoporosis crisis
August 17, 2023 -- Researchers from Ireland have used data from dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scans to estimate the country's prevalence of osteoporosis. Their findings have highlighted an urgent need to establish a national program to reduce the illness burden. Read More