French poll shows medical students have negative views of radiologists
October 4, 2023 -- Many of the old stereotypes of radiologists as solitary people motivated by money, working in a dark room and having no relationship with the patient, persist among today's generation of medical students, particularly women, French researchers have reported. Read More
What do you really need to know about the president of JFR 2023?
October 3, 2023 -- France's national radiology meeting, JFR 2023, begins on 13 October. We speak with congress president Dr. Mark Zins about his career in radiology, his views on AI and other hot topics, and his hopes and plans for the Paris meeting. He also reveals his love of mountain treks. Read More
Autopsy in Rome finds no evidence of brain metastases
September 28, 2023 -- The investigation into the work of two senior Italian radiologists looks set to continue after an autopsy on Andrea Purgatori, a well-known crime journalist and screenwriter, has shown there were no brain metastases at the time of death, according to reports in the national media. Read More
Spanish group strives for clarity and patient safety on CT dose
September 20, 2023 -- Researchers in Madrid have reported significant progress in developing a coherent strategy to optimize radiation dose. Establishing a multidisciplinary dose optimization panel has been a vital part of their drive to improve CT protocols. Read More
Team Turku shines new light on patient shielding in CT
September 19, 2023 -- The application of an out-of-plane shield in CT scanning may lead to a substantial increase in tube current modulation, therefore providing patients with a much higher radiation dose, researchers from Finland have found. Read More
Use of mobile CT cuts hospital admissions at Oktoberfest
September 19, 2023 -- The introduction of mobile CT at Oktoberfest, the world's largest annual fair, has ruled out many serious injuries, reduced the need for hospital admissions for patients with mild traumatic brain injuries, and relieved some of the burden on the emergency services, doctors from Munich have reported. Read More
CT-FFR imaging assesses adverse outcome risk in angina patients
September 15, 2023 -- CT angiography-derived fractional flow reserve (CT-FFR) imaging helps clinicians assess stable angina patients' adverse outcome risk -- even if they have high coronary artery calcium scores, a Danish research group has found. Read More
RCR vows to play pivotal role in future evaluation of AI
September 14, 2023 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) is gearing up to play a greater role in AI assessment and is striving to become more inclusive, accountable, and transparent, according to two senior RCR officers. They also speak openly about how to achieve a work-life balance. Read More
How will Germany's health reforms affect radiology?
September 8, 2023 -- Interventional radiology must receive far greater consideration in Germany's new hospital reforms, according to a Q&A interview with Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessling, head of the German Roentgen Society's (DRG's) working group on the reforms. Read More
Imaging research gets boost from U.K. rejoining Horizon Europe
September 7, 2023 -- Medical imaging and AI research received a substantial boost on 7 September, when the European Commission and the U.K. reached an agreement on the U.K.'s participation in Horizon Europe, the European Union's research and innovation program. Senior radiologists have already welcomed the news. Read More